Watch hindi movie- Ram Leela

Watch hindi movie- Ram Leela


A bloody, grand, color-splashed spin on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet features Romeo in the adult film retail business and Juliet prepared to jump him at any available opportunity.

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Inspired from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, “Ram-Leela” (aka. “Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram Leela”) opens on a small Gujrati town one would be hard pressed to find on a map or Google Earth. The place is a perpetual, easy going limbo between the old and the new world, where everyone is garbed in traditional clothes, ride Ambassadors and use gaudy, blinking cell phones (thank goodness there’s no product placement in Mr. Bhansali’s films); despite being in what I presume to be our times, there is nary a pant-shirt in sight.

The town is divided by five hundred year old rivals: the Rajadis and Saneras – two local gangs who rarely do anything nasty (I didn’t see one kidnapping, assassination or any other misdeed from anyone). The reasons behind their grudge is never fleshed out, but whatever it is, I can guess that it will be as single dimensioned and soft-cored as the immediate physical attraction between Ram and Leela.

Ram played by Ranveer Singh, the local “Romeo” (the roadside kind, with a tinge of Disney’s Aladdin) with a sweet trimmed physique and a lack of body-hair, is from the Rajadis. The Saneras “Juliet” is Deepika Padukone’s Leela, whose natural beauty scarcely measures up to her primed carnal sense (lips are locked whenever the two hone in on each other).

Star Cast
Ranveer Singh.... Ram
Deepika Padukone.... Leela
Gulshan Devaiah.... Bhavani
Richa Chadda.... Rasila
Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh.... Meghjibhai
Sharad Kelkar.... Kanjibhai
Supriya Pathak.... Dhankor Baa
Sahedev Girish.... Shehri
Priyanka Chopra.... Item Number
Krishna Bisht.... Keshav
Homi Wadia.... Radhubhai
Barkha Bishit Sengupta.... Kesar
Raza Murad
Utkarsh Naithani.... Karsan
Sunil Shah.... Nattubhai
Reshma Merchant.... Damyantiben
Jameel Khan.... Vanka
Tarun Anand.... Ujjwal
Masood Akhtar.... Pujalal
Anshul Trivedi.... Mandar
Vivek Ghamande.... Pranjeevan
Milind Joshi.... Sumerbhai
Master Md. Faizan.... Goli
Bharat Chawda.... Manga
Krishna Singh.... Keshav
Ashrut Jain.... Bater
Kranti Jha.... Veer
Chandrashekhar Dutta.... Velji
Sukesh Anand.... Gun Shopkeeper
Abner.... Kantibhai
Avinash Razdan.... Ankur bhai
Nasir Khan.... Mehulbhai
Jahangir Karkaria.... Sureshbhai
Parag Mehta.... Jignesh
Raj Parihar.... Prathmesh
Virendra Pandey.... Pankaj
Banwarilal Jhol.... Popat
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